What is the Convocation?

The Convocation on Equality is a day-long conference created by the collaborative efforts of many organizations and individuals who have a unified mission of promoting diversity and inclusion in Oregon’s legal profession. This event marks the 10 year anniversary since the first Convocation on Equality, which was held in 2001, where legal practitioners shared best practices and committed to take action to implement those practices. The 2001 Convocation resulted in the creation of the OSB Diversity Section and strengthened the support for the Oregon State Bar’s Affirmative Action strategy – including the nationally recognized Opportunities for Law in Oregon (OLIO) program.

 The 2011 Convocation on Equality will:  1) continue to advance principles of diversity and inclusion in the practice of law; 2) promote practices that support diverse hiring practices; and 3) create a culture of inclusiveness within Oregon’s legal community. The day-long event will offer quality programming, a recognition of members in the community that have advanced the mission of diversity within the legal profession, networking, and a forum for diverse legal and community organizations to promote their programs and events.