Judge Ellen Rosenblum

Professional Background
Ellen Rosenblum has been a member of the bar since 1975, when she graduated from the University of Oregon School of Law. Her career began as an associate and, later, partner in a small firm in Eugene; she then became an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Oregon, representing
the government both in civil matters and as a federal prosecutor in trials and appeals. More recently, she has served as a trial and appellate judge in Oregon’s state courts in Portland and Salem. Throughout her career, Ellen has been a strong advocate for the legal profession and for diversity and
access to justice, locally and nationally.

• ABA Secretary
• ABA Board of Governors: Executive Committee and Chair, Program and Planning Committee
• ABA House of Delegates since 1988
• Chair, Fellows of the American Bar Foundation
• Chair, ABA Presidential Diversity Commission
• Chair, ABA Special Committee on Bioethics and Law
• Council, Section of State and Local Government Law
• Council, Senior Lawyers Division
• Advisor, Joint Commission to Review the ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct
• Co-Chair, first ABA Judicial Clerkship Program
• Trustee, National Judicial College
• Member, American Law Institute
• Nelson Award, ABA Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division
• Oregon State Bar Board of Governors
• Treasurer, Oregon State Bar
• Chair, Oregon Judicial Conduct Committee
• Founding Member of the Board, Oregon Women Lawyers
• President, Owen M. Panner American Inn of Court
• President, United States District Court of Oregon Historical Society

Service to the Bar
1. ABA Office
• Secretary of the American Bar Association from 2002-2005; Secretary-elect from 2001-2002.
2. ABA Board of Governors
• Board of Governors for seven years — including as district representative (Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Montana) from 1995-1998, and again from 2001-2005 as Secretary-elect and Secretary.
• Executive Committee, Operations and Communications Committee and Chair of the Program and Planning Committee; served as Board liaison to numerous ABA entities.
3. ABA House of Delegates
• House of Delegates for more than 20 years in various roles, including as a delegate from the Oregon State Bar and as State Delegate.
• Currently Delegate-at-Large and Member of the Select Committee of the House.
• Nominating Committee, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, and ex officio member of Rules and Calendar Committee.
4. Other ABA Activities
• Council, Section of State and Local Government Law; Co-chair, Membership Committee.
• Council, Senior Lawyers Division.
• Member, Standing Committee on Public Education.
• Member, Section Officers Conference Membership Committee.
• Liaison, Commission on Women in the Profession.
• Liaison, Policy Implementation Committee of Center for Professional Responsibility.
• Member: Judicial Division; Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division; General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; Senior Lawyers Division; State and Local Government Law Section; Litigation Section; Tort, Trial and Insurance Practice Section; and Alternative Dispute Resolution Section.
• President’s Club, Fund for Justice and Education.
• Chair, ABA President Carolyn Lamm’s Presidential Commission on Diversity, which released the Next Steps Report and Recommendations for Diversity in the Legal Profession (available online at the ABA’s Diversity Center website: new.abanet.org/centers/diversity). Presented the report to various groups at: the ABA’s mid-year and annual meetings; the National Conference of Bar Presidents; the Section Officers Conference; the Western States Bar Conference; and the Oregon State Bar.
• Chair, ABA Special Committee on Bioethics and Law.
• Co-chaired first ABA Judicial Clerkship Program while serving on Commission on Racial
and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession.
• Advisor, Joint Commission to Revise the ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct and presenter of the Code to ABA House of Delegates.
• Member, ABA Executive Director Search Committee.
• Member, advisor or liaison to other ABA entities, including: World Justice Commission
(Domestic Rule of Law Conference Project); Standing Committee on Judicial Independence; Individual Rights and Responsibilities Section; Criminal Justice Section; Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar (Accreditation Committee); Steering Committee on the Unmet Legal Needs of Children; and Coalition for Justice.
• Established online opportunities through ABA Judicial Division and National Association of Law Placement for “deferred associates” to find temporary judicial internships.
• Judicial representative to Membership Segment Value Project, convened by President-elect Lamm.
5. ABA Initiatives in Oregon
• Brought and led a number of ABA initiatives over the years, including: 2000 Oregon Citizens Justice Conference; 2004 Multnomah County Courts Jury System Improvements/Juror Appreciation Project; 2008 Oregon Rule of Law Conference; Public Education “Dialogue” Series; and several diversity initiatives.
• Arranged for many ABA presidents to come to Oregon to speak on topics of concern to the profession; organized ABA and ABF Fellows receptions at Oregon State Bar meetings.
6. American Bar Foundation
• Board of Directors.
• Chair, Communications, Public and Institutional Relations Committee.
• Chair, ABF Fellows from 2006-2007; Chair-elect from 2005-2006; Secretary from 2004-2005; Western Regional Chair from 2002-2004.
• Life Patron Fellow.
• Instituted and facilitated mentoring program between Fellows of ABF and Young Lawyers Division Scholars program.
• Co-leader, first Fellows “People to People” Delegation, to Russia, in 2005; in 2008 led fourth delegation, to South Africa.
7. National Judicial College
• Received judicial training at the NJC.
• ABA representative on Board of Trustees from 1999-2005; chaired Public Relations Committee and served on Education Committee.
• Member, first Advisory Council to Donald Reynolds National Center for Courts and the Media, which is affiliated with the NJC, from 2002-2004.
• Liaison from NJC to Joint Commission to Revise ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct from 2004-2007.
• Liaison from NJC to Policy Implementation Committee of ABA Center for Professional Responsibility.
8. American Judicature Society
• Board of Directors from 1994-1996.
• Advisor to judicial ethics publications.
9. National Association of Women Judges
• Active member and Chair of 2008 Annual Conference in Portland.
10. Oregon Bar Activities
• Member (1984-1987) and Treasurer (1986-1987), Oregon State Bar Board of Governors;
second woman lawyer member of the Board.
• Founding member, Oregon State Bar’s Committee on Combining Family and Career.
• Member, Multnomah Bar Association’s first Status of Women in the Profession Committee.
• Founding board member, Lane County Women Lawyers in 1978.
• Founding board member, Oregon Women Lawyers (OWLS) in 1989.
• President, University of Oregon School of Law Alumni Association.
• President, Owen M. Panner American Inn of Court.
• President, United States District Court of Oregon Historical Society.
• Instituted a number of ongoing law-related programs in Oregon, including:
“Courthouse Connection” — an OWLS program — which brings lawyers and judges together for informal monthly gatherings in different courthouses; OWLS newsletter column called “The Judges’ Forum;” “Tell it to the Judge” Law Day program, in collaboration with Young Lawyers group of Multnomah Bar Association;
“Girl Scouts Beyond Bars” program for girls and their incarcerated mothers, in collabora-
tion with Girl Scouts, courts and corrections facilities in Oregon; “Famous Cases CLE Series” of United States District Court of Oregon Historical Society; “Spotlight Series” for newer members of Owen M. Panner American Inn of Court.
• Chaired “Women in Court” CLE programs in late 1970’s and early 1980’s — taught by and for first group of women litigators in Oregon.
11. Oregon Judicial Activities
• Served on Oregon’s trial courts (Multnomah County District Court and Multnomah County Circuit Court) for 16 years before appointment to Court of Appeals in 2005. After an extensive merit-based selection process, appointed by three governors to these positions and subsequently elected to them in nonpartisan elections.
• Chaired Oregon Judicial Conduct Committee (ethics advice for judges and candidates for
judge) for 10 years and continues to teach judicial ethics to every new judge in Oregon.
• At request of the Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court, chaired Oregon committee that has proposed a revised Oregon Code of Judicial Conduct based upon the ABA model (currently pending before the Oregon Supreme Court).
• As appellate judge, helped design performance measures for Oregon Court of Appeals,
including survey of appellate lawyers and trial judges to assess quality of service provided
to bench and bar by the court.
• As trial judge, spoke to visiting Classroom Law Project student groups regularly during
courthouse visits; welcomed jury panels and coordinated judicial participation in Jury
Orientation Program for Multnomah County; served as advisor for jury orientation video,
now in use statewide; and founded Multnomah County Judges Judicial Outreach Committee in collaboration with Multnomah Bar Association.
• Member, Advisory Committee of Oregon Campaign for Equal Justice, which raises over
$1 million each year from Oregon lawyers for legal services programs.
• Participant in “Road to the Bench” mentoring program as well as Oregon’s three law schools’ mentoring programs.