Who We Are

The organization of the 2011 Convocation on Equality is being spearheaded by the Oregon State Bar Diversity Section’s Convocation on Equality Subcommittee, which is co-chaired by Emilie Edling of Bullivant Houser Bailey PC and Akira Heshiki of Standard Insurance Company. Also leading the efforts of the subcommittee is Diane Schwartz Sykes, the chair of the OSB Diversity Section.

As co-chairs in the planning of the Convocation during the past two years, Emilie and Akira have been involved in serving directly on each of the committees formed to plan aspects of the Convocation, and/or have been involved in managing the progress of these committees’ work and coordinating the work of the committees.  Emilie and Akira urge you to view the pages of the many Convocation on Equality subcommittees and volunteer members that have formed to work on all aspects of the Convocation, without which the Convocation would be impossible.

Additionally, it is not too late to get involved – volunteer needs come up every day. Should you have questions about the Convocation, its committees, or an interest in serving on a committee or assisting on the day of the Convocation, please don’t hesitate to contact Akira (akira.heshiki@standard.com) or Emilie (emilie.edling@bullivant.com) directly.